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     After I was left motherless at birth, a childhood car accident left me with memory loss to grow up as a youth, never giving my life a thought of what I would become when I became a man. I was too busy being wild and carefree, like most of the Great Creator’s animals. But then, life offered me the opportunity to become a great warrior: One who would bravely go into those dark areas within themselves to flush out the truth of their being. It would take great courage, determination, and survival skills to become such a warrior. The path would be narrow with rough and rocky terrains, and I would walk alone through the dark caves, up those steep climbs, and through deep impenetrable forests, where I would meet my most feared dark sides of horror, deceit, and sadness that await my coming. No one could take this journey but me.

   There will come a time in my life when I will be given the choice to follow this path. Should I decide to embark on this journey, I could never turn back. My life would change forever. On this journey, there will be many different places I can choose to slip into and hide but it doesn’t stop there. The path goes on and the warrior stays the course. Wounded at times, exhausted and out of energy, I will fall to my face where I will struggle back to my feet to take only a step or so before I fall again. At one time, I was carefree but now, the spirits have come for me. I maybe weakened but I will never be broken. I will find courage when the change comes from deep within me.

Written by Patsy Deppe, author of Waya’s Chosen.


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